Sell Your Life Insurance Policy for Cash.

Find out if your policy qualifies in three easy steps.

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Policyowners who sell their life insurance receive on average EIGHT TIMES MORE* than cash surrender value.

Find out if your policy qualifies in five minutes or less.

You may want to consider selling your policy if…

  • You can no longer afford the premiums;
  • You need to pay down debt or fund retirement;
  • Your beneficiaries no longer need the protection;
  • You have unexpected medical expenses;
  • You simply no longer need the policy.

If you own a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, contact us immediately to discuss your options for cashing out.

Lump-Sum Cash Payout

A single lump-sum cash payment. The buyer takes over all future premiums and policy benefits.

Retained Death Benefit

Retain life insurance coverage while making no additional premium payments.

Blended Cash & Coverage

Get the money you need today and retain coverage for the future with no additional costs.

More than $600 Billion in life insurance vanishes into thin air each year, approximately $100 Billion of which is by seniors whose policies could have been sold for cash1. In fact, about 98% of Term Life policies and more than 85% of Universal Life policies never result in a death claim2.

Don’t let your policy become a statistic. Sell it for cash today.

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