How can I sell my life insurance policy?

Selling your life insurance policy is a straightforward process for most. The buyer will handle nearly all the heavy lifting, including gathering health and policy information from providers to value the policy, preparing closing contract documents, and working with the life insurance carrier to transfer ownership. The process of selling your policy can be summed up in three easy steps:
1 – Submit your policy for evaluation

Submit your policy online or call (800) 296-5775 for an immediate policy evaluation.

2 – Sign the authorization

We make it easy to sign with DocuSign eSignature.

3 – Receive payment.

If your policy qualifies and you like the offer, you’ll receive payment immediately.

Everything else is handled by our experts who will work diligently to process your policy and get you the cash you need.

Selling your life insurance policy is easier than you might think.

Learn more about what you can expect and how the PolicyBank® team can help!