Who qualifies to sell their life insurance policy for cash?

At the most basic level, if you own a life insurance policy of $100,000 or more, you may qualify to sell it for cash. That doesn’t mean everyone will qualify, but there’s a pretty good chance that your policy may have value that you didn’t realize was there. That’s because life insurance is an asset, just like your home or automobile, and it can be sold for cash.

When estimating what your life insurance policy is worth, we evaluate the insured’s health, the face amount of your policy, and the expected premiums over the insured’s lifetime. If the total amount of the expected premiums and the amount you require to sell your policy is less than the total death benefit, your policy may qualify.

Does your life insurance policy qualify to be sold?

Learn more about what factors will be taken into consideration to determine whether your policy qualifies to be sold.